Burgh Island Books : a parlour game based on BBC Radio’s Desert Island Discs programme, only this time our castaway is sent in isolation to Burgh Island off the coast of Devon, the setting for And Then There Were None
Five Little Pigs – the finest Poirot adaptation yet : an in-depth look at the beautifully-made ITV production
Poirot’s Use of French in Death on the Nile : in most of the stories featuring Hercule Poirot, his French usage is limited to exclamations or curses, but in Death on the Nile some of his comments give away some of his thought processes as he investigates Linnet’s murder
Who’s Who in Chipping Cleghorn : look at the way that Agatha Christie’s portrayal of village life had changed by the 1950s based on the village featured in A Murder is Announced
Old Sins Have Long Shadows: Childhood and A Pocket Full of Rye : a look at the childhood of the characters involved in the events at Yewtree Lodge

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