Ashley Sievewright

Thanks again for sending your book through for me to read. Just finished it. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and it was clearly a labour of love. If I was to think about a review, or an endorsement it might read like this:

On the surface this book is a list of the many novels and short stories collections written by Agatha Christie. But underneath, it’s the story of an avid reader, the glorious childhood experience of finding a new Agatha Christie title in a second hand bookshop, the old paperback covers and how they intrigue, the text and how it appeared to the reader then, as an 11 year old, and now as an adult re-reader. It is this that really stood out for me about Swigatha – it is a book about Agatha Christie’s life and works, yes, but it’s also the personal reminiscences, reactions and musings of an reader and a fan, and we can all relate to that.

Thanks again. Ash