The Swigapedia is a collection of useless information about Swigatha’s work which the world has been happy to be without until now.

This collection will grow with time as her demented fans vie to have their own entries included in it.

Title quotations A look at where Agatha Christie got some of her titles from
You Can’t Say That! Political Incorrectness in Agatha Christie, decade by decade from 1920s to the 1970s
Agatha Christie’s Doctors A look at how members of the medical profession are represented in Agatha Christie’s stories. And why …
Death on the Nile – a French / Belgian Dictionary Hercule Poirot uses more French expressions in Death on the Nile than anywhere else – this entry translates all of them. Many are very simple and guessable but not all

Let me know if you have any suggestions or indeed entries of your own.