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maggie smith

The International Agatha Christie Festival takes place around her birthday each year in her home county of Devon. It is always worth a visit: the locations are beautiful and there is always plenty of variety to satisfy any Christie fan. 

This year the festival runs from 10-17 September and Swigatha will be dropping by for a few days. So far we have booked for a performance of And Then There Were None at Torquay’s Little Theatre (12th September), Agatha Christie from Stage to Screen (a talk by Christie expert Mark Aldridge on the 13th) and Agatha, Bernard and Crime: the ABC Murders with Carla Valentine on the 14th. Carla Valentine is a forensic pathologist who gave a riveting talk to introduce her book Murder Isn’t Easy – the Forensics of Agatha Christie at the Festival last year. 

There is also a must-see exhibition at Torre Abbey: Dressed to Kill, an exhibition of costumes taken from the film adaptations of Evil Under The Sun (see Maggie Smith above), Death on the Nile and Murder on the Orient Express

We will also squeeze in another trip up the Dart to see Greenway – any excuse! It all promises to be hugely enjoyable and we hope to see some of you there (again!).

About this site
This website was created in the wake of a re-read by me of all of Agatha Christie’s detective fiction. Each book had its own pages of review, and in addition extra pages were added as the re-read led me down some unexpected paths.

The re-read having been completed, the review pages have been amalgamated, edited and published as Swigatha: A Re-read of Agatha Christie. This is now available, as both A4 paperback and e-book, with colour photos of each of the books themselves inside, from ‘all good bookshops’ . The pages for each of the 80 Christie novels and short story collections were made ‘private’ while the book was being produced, but are now available to view individually again.

The other pages of essays and analysis include:

Swigatha’s Blog featuring a more in-depth analysis of some aspects of the books; for example, for A Murder is Announced there is Who’s Who in Chipping Cleghorn?

Swigapedia a general section containing, for example, an examination of where Agatha Christie got her some of her titles:  Title Quotes

References a suggestion of further reading, from the essential (Christie’s Autobiography) to the less well-known, based on the what I uncovered during the re-read:  References

Extra pages will be added, as and when. The most recent one was an analysis of Christie’s Doctors in the Dock