Swigatha – a re-read of Agatha Christie

This website was created in the wake of a re-read by me of all of Agatha Christie’s detective fiction. Each book had its own pages of review, and in addition extra pages were added as the re-read led me down some unexpected paths, from Poirot’s use of French to an analysis of political incorrectness by decade.

The re-read having been completed, the review pages have been amalgamated, edited and published in book form as ‘Swigatha: A Re-read of Agatha Christie‘. This is now available as an A4 paperback, with colour photos of the books themselves inside from ‘all good bookshops’. The ISBN is 978-1-914288-15-9. Using the ISBN is the quickest way to find it on bookshop websites.

It is also now available as an e-book (ISBN 978-1-914288-16-6).

As a result, those pages are now ‘private’.  However, the other pages of essays and analysis are still public:

Swigatha’s Blog featuring a more in-depth analysis of some aspects of the books, for example  https://swigatha.blog/2017/04/10/poirots-use-of-french-in-death-on-the-nile/

Swigapedia a general section containing, for example, an examination of where Agatha Christie got her titles from  https://swigatha.blog/title-quotes/

References a suggestion of further reading, from the essential (Christie’s Autobiography) to the less well-known, based on the what I uncovered during the re-read  https://swigatha.blog/references/

Extra pages will be added, as and when. The latest blog posting imagines a version of the long-running BBC programme Desert Island DIscs re-imagined for dedicated fans of Agatha Christie: Burgh Island Books

Peter Sheeran